Am I In The Right Salon

Am I In The Right Salon

If you have to ask yourself this question then you are probably not in the right place. If you walk into a salon and you get that feeling of "I just want to run away" then you probably should! If you get that feeling in your stomach when you walk in to a salon then walk right back out. Don’t worry about looking silly or offending anyone. You won’t see them again. That gut feeling is usually right and having it in a salon is a sign that you will be nervous the entire time. You won’t be satisfied with most anything there because you are more worried than you are relaxed. You certainly don’t want the person cutting your hair on edge because you
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First things first. This is when you get to judge a book by it’s cover. A salon with a sloppy appearance is most likely going to have sloppy stylists who will obviously not care too much. Check it out from top to bottom. Are the floors swept and streak free? Are the stylists stations organized and clean? Is the salon free of clutter? Does it have style? Do I feel Comfortable here? If you get the feeling of being relaxed and comfortable then you might just be in the right place. If you don’t then leave.

Have you ever been waiting to get your haircut not knowing who your stylist is and your nerves are running crazy because you have no idea who you’re going to get? Been there done that! I was in eighth grade at the time. You know when image really starts to get important. I went to the local salon for a haircut. It was a trusted family business and I thought I could trust anyone there with my hair. Shoot was I wrong! I got this lady who had a butchered up haircut and I let her cut mine! I ended up with this haircut only a picture could describe! So upset! I cried. Then I cried some more. I looked in the mirror and thought "boy." I looked like a boy. In the long run it did grow and I got over myself. After that I sure got picky about who cut my hair.

Good afternoon! Welcome! Hello. How can I help you?! Do you hear any of these upon entrance of a salon. More important, how was the enthusiasm? If you get a generic hello with no sense of friendliness then you probably won’t feel it here either. A salon should treat you as a queen, or king for the guys. You should feel pampered and important from the second you walk in the door.

You get your haircut at a salon that looks generic. You get a generic haircut. You pay $10 for a haircut. You’re going to get a $10 haircut. Catch my drift. Try and stay away from the franchised salons. Most stylists are just at those because they were too lazy to make it at a higher end salon. They aren’t going to care about you or your hair. They just want the commission. I’m not trying to be rude but you get what you pay for with these places. A less than mediocre haircut. From my experience most people pride their hair. Stick with what makes you comfortable. You want a good haircut you are going to have to pay a little bit.

Once you’ve picked your salon ask to speak with a manager. Tell them about your hair situation. Let them know what you are wanting to achieve and ask them to point you in the direction of who would be best for you and your hair. The salon manager knows their stylist best and knows who will be best fit for you.

Appearance is everything. Appearance of the salon and the professionals that run it. This sounds vain I know, but hey, it’s your hair you know? You wouldn’t let a lawyer wearing tattered jeans, a T shirt, worn sneakers, and a ball cap represent you in a court case would you? Then why would you let a sloppily dressed stylist with unkempt hair cut YOUR hair? I’m just saying that you will feel more comfortable that way. You will be more relaxed in a place that has style and a good experience. Stick to a salon with it’s own unique personality and style. The people inside will most likely be the same.

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