Black parents give birth to white skinned

Black parents give birth to white skinned

It is being reported that genetics experts are stumped at the birth of a white skinned, blonde, blue eyed child to Nigerian parents who say there is no known family history of mixed race ancestry on either side of the family. The parents, Angela and Ben Ihegboro, both have dark complexions, as do their two previous children.

Genetic testing, completed around July 20, 2010 confirms that the child is not merely an albino. Indeed that would not explain the golden, straight, caucasian style hair, for example.

Some, including the father, admit that the first thought might be possible infidelity. However, a child resulting from one white and one black parent would not typically look like this. One would expect more blended appearance.

If this were merely explained by recessive genes, it would typically suggest that there would have to be white ancestry, on not just one side, but both sides of the family.

Professor Sykes, an Oxford genetics professor, says that some form of mixed race ancestry would seem to be necessary, and notes that sometimes women of mixed race can carry some eggs for white children and some eggs for black children. However, even so, the mother’s contribution would only be part of the puzzle, because the father would also contribute genes.

Mixed race ancestry has long been a puzzle in many parts of the world, where different races have lived side by side for many generations. Clearly, European explorers, missionaries, and colonists have been globe trotting for hundreds of years. Here in New Mexico, our capital city, which despite some confusion is not Albuquerque, by the way, is the oldest in the nation, and some of the families here go way back to the earliest days of colonization, in the 16th century, comparable to when Nigeria was first being settled by Europeans. Yet some display very European, caucasian features, and others suggest much more blending of ancestry. As in many places, terms even exist to describe this phenomenon. In such cases, denizens of the Duke City, for example, might here terms like guero/guera used to refer to very light skinned individuals who stand out because they come from families of otherwise much darker individuals on both sides.

The take home point seems to be that the biology of race and the blending of genetics is much more scientifically and biologically complex than perhaps many people realize at first blush. There is no such thing as racial purity, after all, for all of us come from somewhere, and Europeans themselves were quite mixed, even before the Age of Exploration.

First let me offer congratulations to the parents of this lovely child. Second, Whilst I agree somewhat with every comment so
facebook besthairbuy far, I have one major concern for the parents why in God’s name are you willing to subject your daughter to tests to be a guinea pig for scientists who, for the most part, don’t believe God exists and is real? To what end will all of this tests go? Until they, God forbid, kill her, and rid up some fictitious reason as to why she died? If you want answers, go to the One who has ALL OF THE ANSWERS go to God, through Jesus Christ, and He will give you the answers you seek; Ask your parents, if needs be, but as long as you both know that your wife was not unfaithful, don’t allow anyone to touch that child; believe me, you will live to regret it. I can only pray that God will give you the wisdom and direction needed right now.

It’s not like they are opening the baby up and prodding its insides. Genetic testing requires not much more than blood samples from the child and parents. I hate when some people who believe in God insist that instead of going the logical, scientific route that has explanation, suggest God and prayer. I mean no offense, I believe in God and in some cases the previous route should be taken. But in this case, it’s strictly scientific.

my opinion or at liest my point of view goes to this women on top mrs j jordan. i understand very well what you could mean by telling this baby girls parents that they shouldnt expose her to the public lime light. witch would probebly youst make her life bery difficult right from the beginning i also understand what you mean by not allowing scientist to touch an treating her like a lab rat witch should be studied and tested. but i must say first i dont know how being exposed to the public may affect her life exactly. should i state you seam bary religious but god will not go give these people any answers if they ask for them or have you ever ask god something and honestly heard an answer in return i really dont think so but if you have an answer ill be looking at this article for a couple of days to se if you give an answer.

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