has become the new hair craze

has become the new hair craze

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Tricky methods . Alessandra Ambrosio has not only beauty, but the type of hair others would kill for. Picture: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Victoria’s Secret)

Caroline ZielinskiNews Corp Australia Network

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IF the idea of burning your hair makes gasp in horror, apparently, it shouldn’t.

According to Brazil the land of extreme beauty, burning the ends of your hair is the latest in beauty tricks being used as way of eliminating pesky split ends.

Popularised by Victoria Secret models Alessandra Ambrosio and Barbara Fialho, the technique is called Velaterapia, and involves a trained hair stylist separating hair into small sections and twisting it, before using the flame of a candle to burn off split ends.

Burning off the
wholesale wigs ends

Although it may sound bizarre, Brazilians have apparently been practising this beauty ritual for generations.

According to Elle, Brazilians developed the technique to combat the full,
wholesale brazilian hair thick hair of Brazilian women, which is said to require powerful anti frizz and smoothing products in order to be tamed.

One brave woman, Latin Timesreporter Donovan Longo, decided to try out this rather frightening beauty ritual and write about her experience.

New hair?

After finding the only hair salon in New York that offered the treatment, Longo booked an appointment for herself and her entire camera crew to find out if it was possible to achieve model like hair by burning half of it off.

giving me a quick lesson in pronunciation and assuring me I would still have hair, Ricardo [the stylist] began twisting the small sections of my hair, Longo wrote. Barbara Fialho is not the only one to regularly burn her split ends off. Picture: Bryan Bedder/Getty ImagesSource:Getty Images

The hairdresser then applied a deep

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